First Offender Program

The First Offend Program at Community Concern is an 8-week group counseling and education program that gives adolescents a chance to clear their court record.

The group teaches adolescents how to manage anger effectively, anticipate consequences for their behavior, and the effects of alcohol and drug use.   Juveniles participate in the Collins Correctional Facility’s Youth Assistance Program (YAP), a powerful presentation on consequences of unlawful behavior.  The First Offenders Program is more effective than community service alone, particularity for youth exposed to family substance abuse or conflict.  Outcome surveys with parents show that the First Offenders Program achieves lasting improvements in behavior and academic performance.

Services are confidential and free, paid for by the Town of Evans.      Space is limited for adolescents ages 13-20.  Call Community Concern at 947-5025 for more information.

The First Offender Group is funded by a grant from the Town of Evans. Senior Services support groups are funded by the Erie Co. Dept. of Senior Services, the towns of Evans, Brant, Collins, N. Collins and Eden, business and individual contributors