The Community Concern Center for Excellence

community concern of wny expansion projectProject Description

The project will add 2,100 sq. ft. to the current Community Concern building, which will create space for 12 additional offices, expanded waiting room and children’s play area.


The initiative will achieve two objectives.

  1. Provide additional office space to meet the growing demand for behavioral health services
  2. Provide low-cost office space to health and human service programs – a one-stop shop.

Anticipated Results and Benefits

community concern of wny expansion proejct

The expansion of office space will:

  • provided needed office space for growth of existing programs
  • bring needed services to rural residents at one convenient location
  • a multi-service center will diffuse the stigma about seeking mental health treatment
  • increases transportation system capacity

The Center for Excellence is also funded by John R. Oishei Foundation, the Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation, and the Patrick P. Lee Foundation.