Senior Care Management Services

"Community Concern has made me feel more independent".

"Due to my chronic illness and age, it has been such a wonderful service of a choreperson. Also I have received extra assistance in filling out forms. This has made a difference in my mind".

"My family has been going through some hard times and you were helpful in reducing our pressures & stresses of our quality of life & living".

"I am able to stay in my own home rather than a nursing home".

"I am 93 and I am very pleased with all the help. I would not be able to make meals for myself".

"You helped my mother stay in her home for a longer time. Thank you for services I hope she can return home".

Behavioral Health Clinic

"They are a life-line for me and have helped me to try and deal and cope with my situation".

"I feel as if I have been let out of prison".

"Coming here has been a major survival factor. Without the staff, therapist and psychiatrist, I don't know where I'd be".

"The people at Community Concern are very helpful, and really have gone out of their way to show various kindnesses. I've been to other counseling agencies, and have found that Community Concern, its staff, the doctor, and my counselor are, by far, the best! I don't believe, I've ever felt better".

"I probably would have not been here or at least been divorced. My therapist was great".